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Antique Silver
Pair of wine labels, M (Madeira)
Reference: S134
Period: George IV, William IV
Year: 1829 and 1833
Silversmith: Joseph Willmore
Place: Birmingham
Price: $ 250.00
Weight: 20g grams
Dimensions: 3cm
Condition: Excellent

Description: A delightful associated pair of Madeira wine labels, with Bacchus masks amongst foliage. The labels were made 4 years apart, but obviously cast from the same mould, by the same maker. The hallmarks on both labels are very clear. The order of the hallmarks is the same, but different punches were used as they are different sizes. This design must have been popular for Willmore to have been producing it for at least a 4 year period. Note the slightly different chain fixture (one has an arm with single loop, the other 2 loops but no arm). One chain appears original, the other is a later replacement.
Pair of wine labels, M (Madeira)
M winelabels

Pair of wine labels, M (Madeira)
close up

Pair of wine labels, M (Madeira)
label with chain

Pair of wine labels, M (Madeira)
Hallmark 1

Pair of wine labels, M (Madeira)
Hallmark 2

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