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Antique Silver
Antique Silver Punch Ladle - "Goose Egg"     Order Form     Request more information
Reference: S1439
Period: George II
Year: 1740
Silversmith: George Greenhill Jones
Place: London
Price: R 1 830.00
Weight: 59 grams
Dimensions: 40.5 cm
Condition: Excellent. Ladle excellent, very small dent in stem. Whalebone handle has 2 natural holes (see photo).

Description: An early George II silver punch ladle, with "goose egg" bowl, and twisted whalebone handle (with silver tip). The goose egg bowl is plain, but has a lovely texture as the individual hammer marks are visible all over the bowl. The join is the traditional heart shape, and the handle is securely fastened to the bowl.The early George II goose egg ladles are quite rare, having been made for only a short period (1735 - 1740). It is also unusual to find one in such good condition, the handles are often loose or damaged. The hallmarks are clear, but the date letter e and makers mark GJ are partially struck, but still discernable. The ladle has a 5th hallmark, the Dutch script letter I, which is a tax mark for silver items in the Netherlands not bearing an older tax mark. This indicates the ladle passed through the Netherlands at some stage.
Antique Silver Punch Ladle -
Silver punch ladle

Antique Silver Punch Ladle -
Goose egg bowl

Antique Silver Punch Ladle -
Bowl detail

Antique Silver Punch Ladle -
Silver tip

Antique Silver Punch Ladle -
Whalebone handle with natural holes

Antique Silver Punch Ladle -

Antique Silver Punch Ladle -

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