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Silver Leopard's Pelt Wine Label - Brandy     Order Form     Request more information
Reference: S1688
Period: Elizabeth II
Year: 1977
Silversmith: Richards & Knight
Place: London
Price: $ 220.00
Weight: 21 grams
Dimensions: 7.5 cm *5.7 cm
Condition: Excellent, including chain.

Description: A modern reproduction of a very famous silver wine label, the Leopard's Pelt originally made by Paul Storr in 1809. The label, which was made to commemorate the Queen's silver jubilee, has very good detail, and is a faithful reproduction of the original, complete with Leopard's pelt draped over the label, surrounded by vine leaves and bunches of grapes. It is engraved "Brandy", and has clear hallmarks, including the silver jubilee hallmark only used in 1977 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. The label is die stamped, and has a silver chain. The original is described as "one of the classics of the period, derived from an element of the Warwick Vase" (Wine Labels 1730-2003, pg 164, pg 160 and 161 for images). Also quoting from the Wine Label, book, "The Lion's pelt detail on the Warwick Vase (marble vase discovered at Hadrian's villa in Tivoli in 1770) led to the famous Paul Storr label of this name" (pg 32, and figure 31). It is interesting that the book adds confusion by referring to both the Leopard's Pelt and Lion's pelt , the official name is Leopard's pelt, but we feel it looks much more like a lion than a leopard. The Wine label Circle Journal also refers to Leopard's Pelt (Vol 12, No 8, 2010, pg 394, part of an excellent article on Paul Storr wine labels by Gordon Procter (we highly recommend both the journal and the book for collectors of wine labels). An original Paul Storr Leopard's pelt wine label recently sold at auction for GBP 2800, and is available for sale at www.steppeshillfarmantiques.com for GBP 3500, so a valuable label - this reproduction provides an opportunity to add a Leopard's pelt to a collection at a reasonable price.
Silver Leopard's Pelt Wine Label - Brandy
Silver leopards pelt wine label - brandy

Silver Leopard's Pelt Wine Label - Brandy
Leopards pelt silver wine label - detail

Silver Leopard's Pelt Wine Label - Brandy
Back of die cast silver wine label

Silver Leopard's Pelt Wine Label - Brandy
Richards & Knight, Queens silver Jubilee hallmarks

Silver Leopard's Pelt Wine Label - Brandy
Silver leopards pelt brandy label - scale

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